You are on the page of a unique group of neurosurgeons who specialize in the treatment of pituitary adenomas, meningiomas, craniopharyngiomas, chordomas and other tumors chiasmal-sellar region.

We operate in most European neurosurgical clinic - Burdenko Naurosurgical institute.

Currently, most of the operations we perform transnasally using modern endoscopy.

Having experience of more than 4000 operations, we have accumulated a unique experience in the treatment of the most complicated variants of tumors. This provides a high result of treatment, even in the most hopeless cases.

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Pavel Kalinin MD, PhD

Maxim Kutin MD, PhD

Dmitrii Fomichev MD, PhD

Oleg Sharipov MD, PhD

125047 Moscow Russia

4th Tverskaya-yamskaya str. 16

Room 821, 831